Cast Lists!

Welcome to Wandering Minds’ Spring 2017 Season! The two plays we are doing this semester are “44 Plays for 44 Presidents” and “The Real Inspector Hound” ! The casts for both are as follows:
44 Plays for 44 Presidents:
Libby James
Tatiana Kovalsky
Malik Mustafa Yazdani
Luciano Cesta
Nisha Kishore
Saiansha Venugopal
Jeremy Altman
Rachel Jiang
Mary Rolfes
Anthony Collichio
The Real Inspector Hound:
Mrs. Drudge: Naveen Inim
Moon: Liam McParland
Magnus: Kelly Tapager
Felicity: Michelle Sandler
Cynthia: Courtney Moller
Birdboot: Hassan Lubega
Hound: Masha Vernik
Simon: Dylan Gabriel
Congratulations to everyone who was cast!
Anybody who is interested in tech, and/or wants to stay involved with the group please come to the Tech Meeting at 6PM and General Meeting at 7PM in CAS 312 today (Friday, 1/27). See you all soon!

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