Cast List! and Tech Meeting!

Below are the official cast lists for the Spring 2018 season for Wandering Minds! Thank you to everyone who came out to audition! Also, on this SUNDAY, JANUARY 28 we will be having a meeting at 6pm in CAS 314 if you would like to sign up to do tech!

Emory – Chris Dominguez

Elliot – Aaron Velez

Lady – Bridget Cohen
Nanna – Amy Argentar
Linda – Mary Rolfes


Johnathon – Akshai Wadhwani
Jenifer – Loren McCullough
Michael – John Libby
Gary – Hassan Lubega



Come out to auditions this week: Monday (1/22), Tuesday (1/23), and Wednesday (1/24) from 6-10pm in 700 beacon street, Room No. 103!

The shows we will be putting up this season are:


By: David Marshall Grant

Directed by: Courtney Moller

Asst. directed by: Jeremy Altman


By: Joshua Conkel

Directed by: Naveen Inim

  • No need to come all three days! Just pick a date that works for you
  • You also don’t have to stay for all 4 hours, only stay for the duration of your audition
  • Everything you’ll need to read and fill out will be provided to you by the directors so you don’t have to bring anything but yourselves and a writing utensil
  • We also don’t require dues here at Wandering Minds so it’s 100% free to audition and join!