Tonight is the last night to audition for our two fabulous main stage shows this semester! They are as follows:

Last Gas

by: John Cariani

Directed by: Lili Tucker

Show dates: October 25-27th

A Devil Inside

by: David Linsay-Abaire

Directed by: Naveen Inim

Show dates: November 29- December 1

Auditions for “Last Gas” will be held Tuesday (9/11) and Wednesday (9/12), and Auditions for “A Devil Inside” will be on Monday (9/10) and Wednesday (9/12). Both auditions will meet in 700 beacon street from 6-9pm.

> You do not need to come all three days, whichever day works for you! If you can only do Monday or Tuesday and the director isn’t there for that play, we can work around that!

> You also do not have to stay for all 4 hours. You only need to be there for the duration of your audition(s).

> Audition sides and forms will be provided to you so you don’t have to prepare anything but yourself and a writing utensil!

> Wandering Minds is a 100% FREE to join club so we will not make you pay any dues to audition or join! We love having new members.

If you have any questions about the audition process or just joining Wandering Minds in general, make sure to stop by our General Meeting on September 9th at 8pm in the Law Auditorium. You can also email us at

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