Cast Lists!

Hello Wanderers!

First, we want to thank everyone who came out to auditions and callbacks. You are all incredibly talented, and we had so much fun this week seeing and working with you guys! Before we dive into cast lists, we want to inform you guys about a few upcoming events:

We will be having a Tech Meeting on Sunday, September 16th from 3-4 pm in CAS 326! If you are interested, please come to the meeting – no experience necessary!

Additionally, we are having our FIRST MDOF OF THE SEMESTER on September 21st from 5-8 pm in CAS 312! It will be a night of board games, pajamas, snacks, and fun! There will be an upcoming facebook event with more information soon – so make sure you follow the Wandering Minds facebook page!

So, without further ado, below are the cast lists for the Fall 2018 season!

Last Gas

Nat – Akshai Wadhwani

Guy – Noah Gordon

Cherry-Tracy- Libby James

Lurene – Courtney Moller

Troy – Ben Wuesthoff

Dwight – Sayeed Akhtar

A Devil Inside 

Mrs. Slater – Noah Gordon

Gene – Cassie Berta

Caitlin – Tayber Lima

Bradie – Courtney Moller

Lily – Elyse Kaczmarek

Carl – Aathil Chaturvedi

Congratulations to everyone who was cast! Directors will be in touch with you soon.

Additionally, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @wmindsbu to keep up with all our upcoming events!

We hope to see you all at the tech meeting and upcoming MDOF – have a wonderful weekend!

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